• Drawing Beyond Itself


    Three drawings, 'everybody', 'everything', 'everywhere', have been selected for a virtual show of drawing at AIR Gallery in Altrincham, curated by Jay Ottewell and Jason Gylen. Go to https//:www.air to find the link or via Facebook. 'Drawing Beyond Itself is an online exhibition featuring the work of 14 artists based in the UK. Taking its name as a spin off to the essay 'Painting Besides itself' by David Joselit, the exhibition aims to showcase a selection of work that pushes the boundaries of contemporary drawing today providing a thought provoking narrative of what constitutes a drawing and how it can go beyond. The essay explores the process of making; from marks and traces to mechanical reproduction of a painting, and the same can be applied to this exhibition. Each artist is testing and pushing the limitations of their chosen medium to make for a dynamic and engaging show'.

    Posted by Liz.
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