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    Synapse International is a new visual poetry publication co-edited by karl kempton and Phillip Davenport rich in the depth and scope of its content;

    "This blog contains visual poetry, language art and other kindred expressions with a deep history back to rock art. The purpose is to provide the best possible works to a world audience...and start dialogue. To do this, we've invited editors around the globe to select work they feel is important. We have also linked to karl kempton's recent HISTORY OF VISUAL TEXT ART (2019) and Philip Davenport's language art anthology THE DARK WOULD (2013). Co-editors karl kempton & Philip Davenport">

    The piece shown above, 'Untitled' (2016) is included with other drawings of mine. It is always a pleasure to work with Phillip and karl. It's as if the work has landed in a place it didn't know it was looking for; no explanations needed. As ever, I am deeply indebted to them for their generosity and their scholarship.

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    Posted by Liz.
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