Karl Kempton's new publication

I'm reposting this from Phillip Davenprt's site and I'm thrilled to have images included in this work. Once again I must thank the Bury Text Festivals for the work they do in supporting and developing text and language based art, for the opportunities they create and the connections they make..


"Karl Kempton’s new history of visual text art has just come out on (my) Apple Pie Editions as an ebook. It is an “outsiderish” survey from prehistory up to the 21 Century, drawing on arcane knowledge and archaeology as well as a deep involvement with visual poetry. Tony Trehy advised on some layout ideas - his is the handwritten A on this page introducing the Appendix. The book includes works from Dawn Nelson Wardrope, Liz Collini, Dona Mayoora and correspondence between Karl and Márton Koppány. And others..."

This article is my 18th oldest. It is 137 words long

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